Family Vaporizzatore Facciale


Family Vaporizzatore Facciale
It can purify deep skin layers, discharge contaminants and replenish moisture. Nano-ionic steam helps you to comfortably carry out skin care at home. Nano-ionic steam penetrates deeply into the skin to instantly moisturize the skin and supplement moisture. Continuous usage will decrease the occurrence of acne and blackheads, enabling consumers to have more faith in their external appearance. Compared to normal steam, nano-ionic steam particles created are smaller than standard steam particles. It can penetrate the skin more efficiently to supplement moisture more effectively. Emits a hot ionic steam vapor that opens and purifies pores allows the user to effectively cleanse their face, making it easier to remove dirt, make-up, excess oil and impurities Continuous use will decrease the prevalence of acne and blackheads allows the user to have greater faith Blood circulation-the vitality of skin cells.
* Open the pores of the skin to thoroughly clean the dirt
* The oil, black head, make-up traces and dirt can be
softened and washed as the vapour penetrates into the
skin pores.
* To help the pores of the skin release toxin.
* It triggers blood circulation, promotes cell metabolism,
improves wrinkles better.


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