Facial Sauna Steamer

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Product Description:
1.Simply and conveniently used with one-key operation ,you can perform
comfortable care of an esthetic salon in your own home.
2.Minute ,nano-ionic steam penetrates deeply into skin to quickly moisturize skin
and supplement skin moisture .
3.Defend against dryness, signs of aging, and environmental damage
4. Ultra-fine nano-sized particle steam penetrates, leaving the skin feeling
refreshed and renewed
5-whitening fade spots
6-postpone skin aging
7-relieve cold symptoms of rhinitis and other diseases
Product parameter :
product name:facial sauna steamer
brand name:Benice
model NO.:A501
efficacy:whitening moisturizing circulate blocked pores sterilize
output voltage:220v
Benice Home Skin Care Deep Cleaning Sauna Beauty equipment Facial Steamer
Different type of skin care
Oily skin
Steam about 10-15 minutes;
Such as using the fragrance boxes, recommend the use of citrus lemon essential oil;
And flexible cleaner to clean the face with water; And then coated with grind arenaceous cream or mask; After using toner, lotion.
Dry skin
Steam time about 8 to 12 minutes;
Such as using the fragrance boxes, recommend the use of rose essential oil;
Wash face with water; Then daub nutrition mask or lotions and creams.
Hint: there is no need to use steam to make facial pretreatment, but give facial steam after coated with moisturizing facial mask.
Sensitive skin
Steam up to 10 minutes;
Such as using the fragrance box, it is recommended to use jasmine essential oil;
Wash face with water; Then daub nutrition mask or lotions and creams.
Acne skin
Steam about 5-8 minutes;
If use aromatherapy box, it is recommended to use mint lavender essential oil;
Wiping the sweat and excess oils with unmounted cotton; Then carefully squeeze the blackheads with your fingers,
Or use special eliminate blackheads.
Tip: can use two fingers to live two cotton piece gently squeeze the blackheads, with flexible cleaner clean the skin, then
The last and the emulsion with toner.
Use attention
1. Do not directly to the heating plate under the tap water, in order to prevent water overflow into the body and cause a short circuit current;
2. If you don’t need to aromatherapy, can be installed directly face mask or nasal absorption steamer is used;
3. Steamed face with water after cleaning face, then daub moist mask or your favorite cleanser or grind arenaceous cream;
4. Each use steamed face shall not be more than 20 minutes, no more than three times a week.
Matters needing attention
1. Heart disease, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis patients do not use this product;
2. Pregnant women and patients with serious diseases, such as when using this product to add herbs and essential oil, please consult a doctor;
3. Once appear skin irritation or discomfort, please immediately stop using the herb or essential oil;
4. Please check your family in the product before turning on the power supply voltage and the product plug as shown in the voltage are consistent;
5. If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger, must by the manufacturing unit or its maintenance department or professional staff to replace
6. Please place this product away from children.
Maintenance and maintenance
Regularly to cleaning products, oil pollution prevention and other dirt deposition
1. Before cleaning, ensure that already disconnect the power plug; 2. Must be clean again after product cooling;
(3) the surface with a soft wet cloth clean product (do not use sharp and rough material to wipe, in case of damage to the heating plate; the bottom of the product
Do not rinse under the tap, do not put the product or its body immersed in water;
4. Will evaporate face mask (nasal haustoria) products from the body, with a damp cloth to wipe, then use towel to dry;
5. Remove the heating plate scale: a. take steamed face (nasal haustoria) b. use not watering white vinegar (acetic acid ratio is 8%) the heating plate
About 20 minutes to half full (also can use the professional detergent).
Warm prompt:
1. Regular detergent can not only prolong the service life of products, also can ensure the product to achieve the best cosmetic effect; For every 2 or 3 months
Using 20 times or so, a detergent is suitable;
2. Repeat detergent program can remove any residual scale deposits;
3. As in the detergent after using this product for the first time, when not at the beginning of water vapor emitted will face to evaporate face (nasal haustoria), because of the production
On the first of water vapor may contain legacy of vinegar or detergent.
Common problems
1. The light is not bright, the product does not work: a. the plug is inserted into the socket? B. whether the power socket closed?
2. Steam little or no:
A. the plug is inserted into the socket, the indicator light is bright? B. steamed face (nasal steamer) is so smooth?
C. whether the water in the container is not enough water? D. perfectly on the body parts and the collective are improperly installed?
3. Hot water beads from steam jet to the guard: a. if water in the container with essential oil or foreign bodies (e.g. Detergent)?
After the above phenomenon analysis is still unable to troubleshooting, please contact the company maintenance station or dealer,
It is forbidden to non-professional personnel for the machine to tear open outfit.


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