V super Inter Ceramic Hair Straightener

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V super Inter _Onyx Ceramic Flat Iron, Ceramic Hair Straightener With Adjustable Temperature, Travel-friendly Dual Voltage Flat Iron
100% original Thailand -made in PRC
More than just a straightener!
A Flat Iron With A Difference
Innovation & Design
Salon Style Finish
Travel Friendly
Ideal For Daily Use
About HerStyler
Herstyler is a leading manufacturer of quality hair styling tools and hair enhancing products. Our cutting edge technology enables us to create innovative and quality products for our clientele. These include hair straightening irons, curling wands, Argan oil hair serums & host of hair-benefitting masks. We take care of your crowning glory!
Tech To Hair Rescue
With some innovative features like ceramic plates, negative ion technology and dual voltage the Superstyler Flat Iron is your go-to tool for sleek & lustrous tresses.
Tresses With Panache
Unlike other flat irons, the Superstyler from super inter is a must have in your beauty bag for gorgeously smooth tresses with a minimum amount of hassle. It helps in retaining your hair’s natural moisture and protects your hair from singeing or damage
A Flat Iron That Does So Much More
The V super inter helps you get chemically balanced smooth and healthy hair thanks to its Negative Ion technology. It emits negative ions which interact with positively charged ions on hair and neutralize each other. It also restores moisture and rehydrates your hair making it especially beneficial for dry and brittle hair.
Ceramic For Alluring Tresses
Ceramic plates work wonders when it comes to smoothing hair and reducing frizz. Plus ceramic promotes even distribution of heat and also heats up speedily and always to a steady temperature protecting your hair adequately. Iron away to gorgeous mane.
Travel In Style
The Herstyler SuperStyler Flat Iron comes loaded with adjustable temperature up to 130 to 230 degrees F. Its curved edges work wonders. Dual voltage ensures ample usage safety around the globe. All you need is a travel or plug adapter and you are all set to go.
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