The Tool Sterilizer is an ideal option for beauty salons, spas, home, professional and personal use.
Perfect for lashing, waxing metal tools, tools such as nails nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brow beauty, facial tools and tattoo needles.
It is small and compact so that it does not take up a lot of counter space, easy to store and convenient to use.
Small and Compact Design: This sterilizing pot is designed small and compact which can be put on the desk, convenient to use.
High Temperature: The intelligent sterilizer can automatically increase to and maintain 250 degree high temperature.
When you plug in the power, put glass balls into the inner pot and turn on the switch.
Keeps the tools clean and sterilized.
Glass Beads Sterilization: This sterilizing pot is used with Glass Beads in the inner pot – no liquids are allowed into the machine.
Practical Functions: The metal sterilizer is an ideal beauty tools sterilizer for salon and home use. Best for metal tools, such as nails nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brow beauty and tattoo needles.
Power: 100W
Rating Voltage: 220~240V 50HZ
Color: White & Black
Material: Plastic and stainless steel
Dimensions: Approx. 16 * 16 * 16cm
Temperature: 250 degree
Only glass balls are allowed to use with this machine
Do not add any liquids to the machine
It can kill all fungi, mold, gonorrhea and other pathogens on nail art tools comprehensively, evenly, fast and efficiently.
Applicable for the disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning of metal tools such as nail art tools, tweezers, tattoo needles etc.
Suitable for professional and personal use.


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