Nivea Creme Cream 150ml


Nivea Creme Cream 150ml

Enjoy the rich luxurious sensation of Nivea Creme while you moisturize your skin. Its clinically proven formula helps your skin stay soft and supple all day long.An intensive moisturizing solution for extremely dry skin. A rich, creamy moisturizer that smooths and softens every inch of skin.


Product Description:

Can be used all over the body, and best for rough spots such as knees, feet, elbows and hands. Dermatologically tested and approved. How it Works- Our balanced formula works hard to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Key ingredients for moisturization include lanolin, glycerin and eucrite, a special moisturizing ingredient. NIVEA Creme’s soothing properties come from the use of panthenol, which helps to reduce redness and protects your skin from irritation. It is Skin compatibility approved


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