LOTUS YOUTHRX Anti-Ageing Nourishing
Night Cream 50g
is a testament of ground breaking work in ” Green-Science”. It comes with revlutionary “Ginplex Youth Compound” & rare plant extracts which are clinically proven for accelerated lifting, nourishing & protective action. It visibally reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by nourishing the skin overnight.
Net Content: 50 g
Reduces fine lines and opens pores by nourishing the skin overnight.
Preservative free formula accelerates lifting and firming of the skin.
Gives you an optimally hydrated and dewy, fresh skin.
Contains the benefits of revolutionary Gineplex youth compound.
How to Use:
Cleanse your face and apply serum of the same range on your cleansed face
Now, apply the night creme in dots all over your face
Join the dots so that the night creme blends into your skin completely.


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