Cetaphil UVA / UVB Defense SPF 50 + / UVA 50 ml


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Cetaphil UVA / UVB Defense SPF 50 + / UVA 50 ml

👇 Description: 👇

Sun protection products for the face and body with formula 7 in 1 with an innovative particle filter UV rays up to 7 types of particles reflect UV rays Another one of
❇️ copyright technology Mexoryl SX and XL and Tinosorb S high performance. Protects the skin from UVB radiation Which is the cause of dull skin And protect the inner skin from UVA radiation that causes premature aging
❇️ No perfume ingredients Thus reducing the chance of allergies or irritation to the skin
❇️ applied and not white, shiny due to the use of Micronized Titanium Diozide with fine molecule And does not cause clogging
❇️ suitable for those who regularly leave the sun Do outdoor activities In the treatment of melasma and treatment

👇 Production country: 👇

✅ France

👇 How to use it: 👇

Apply all over the face and the area that has the opportunity to experience sunlight. Or according to the advice of a skin specialist Should be applied on a daily basis before sun exposure And should be repeated every 2 hours

👇 Ingredient: 👇

Titanium dioxide, grow out Crystalline, Dimethicone


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