Paris Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub


This product Helps Remove Dead Skin While At The Same Time With Its Special Ingredients Hydrate, Condition, Nourish And Moisturise Your Skin.
Additionally, It Also Makes Your Skin Feel Softer, Smoother, Silkier & Helps Brighten Skin.
Safety Warning: For External Use Only, Avoid Contact With Eyes, Store In A Cool Dry Place Below 30°C.
Directions: Gentle Circular Scrubbing Action Helps In The Removal Of Dead Skin. Wash Off The Residue With Warm Water, Dry The Skin By Patting With Soft Towel. Avoid Rubbing Face & Body Scrub To Sensitive Areas Like Skin Surrounding The Eyes. Suitable For All Skin.
Paris Collection Strawberry Yogurt Sugar Body Scrub is a deliciously scented strawberry scrub, rich in cane sugar granules to buff away the body’s rough dead skin. Presence of Strawberry, Yogurt, Sugar with Guava extract, Vitamin B3 accelerates facial rejuvenation and provides a radiant, healthy looking skin texture. Use twice weekly to promote healthy, radiating skin.


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